NUX - Expand / Collapse Page dropdown selector

NUX - Expand / Collapse Page dropdown selector

Similar to old UX, Hierarchical List of items within the page selector should be able to expand and collapse.

This feature in old UX is very handy when you have a lot of list items with multiple hierarchies.


In the NUX, it gets pretty difficult to select items when there are a significant number of list items you need to scroll through and you don't quite remember the name of the list item but you know which parent that list item is located.  You would search for the parent list name but this doesn't help as search result only provides the searched list item.


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100% Agree.  This is a point of frustration for many of our users.   End users would like the ability to expand and collapse a page selector based on the different levels of the hierarchy.  

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100% AGREE. Especially, when turning on hierarchy filters, seeing lower level list items in the drop down only clouds the view (since when selected, it syncs to the parent level and displays all the sibling items).


If the page selector dropdown opens as collapsed and can be expanded on demand, users will only see the set of list items they want to see without scrolling through. Search is helpful but in the case of numbered lists, when there are list items with the same display name under different parents, the search is confusing as it won't show which list item belongs to which parent.

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100% AGREE.

It would be nice if there were no limit on how many list members could be in an expandable/collapsible page selector drop-down.

If this restriction cannot be removed for some unknown reasons, can it be change to at least 5000?

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Im agree with the Idea of having collapse lists with more than 1000 items 

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Hi @davewaller , is there an update on this? I understand the request to mimic the functionality per the below screenshot if I'm right?

Example PivotTables-21.png

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Hi @NickCarter - you're correct, this is the functionality we'll be building out.

It's taking some time to implement, given the data sizes we work with along with some the complexities of working with dimensions, but progress is being made.

We'll be initially implementing this on selectors and list pickers before moving on to grid rows.