NUX Line Item 'Style' Options

NUX Line Item 'Style' Options

Currently the Anaplan NUX lacks options for line item 'Style' that are in the classic UI. Short-term need: As a minimum viable product customers are requesting these same options in the NUX. Examples include, bolding, italics, underlining, indentation etc. Full feature: In addition to the classic options, a full spectrum of formatting is requested including line item grouping with expand and collapse. See example below in the image for customer expectations.


Problem: Many of our customers with income statement/P&L use cases expect line item 'formatting'/style options and won't adopt the NUX until delivered. This type of functionality is seen as a prerequisite and facilitates quick reading and analysis of data.  




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@CWPorter You can format your line items in the NUX, just like in the old one, you can adapt the style. 



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@willemvdb Yes some of the 'style' options will come through (such as indentation, italics) but they are not as robust as the classic and some key aspects of this are still missing. For example the ability to underline or double underline or to bold the line items. These are key to a lot of P&L use cases. I'll try to adjust the request make this clear. 

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True! A longer P&L becomes impossible to read without the visual highlight. I started to bridge it by creating empty line item items with "Non-Printing Characters" to separate specific sections in a P&L (but that's probably not best practise 😅) .

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Good suggestion @PhilippErkinger - just be sure to set the line items to no data to save some space!


The problem statement listed in the original post is correct - I have had many clients request more flexible line item formatting options. It's amazing how far a little formatting can go with end users!

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