NUX - Multiple Pages/Worksheets Open at a time

NUX - Multiple Pages/Worksheets Open at a time

As a user of the New User Experience, I want to have the ability to have more than one Page or Worksheet open at a time. 


Depending on the setup of a model, and UX, many users may create temporary views and jump back and forth between a couple of grids to validate or compare. In the classic UX, you can have multiple Dashboards open and even pop one of them out to view them side by side. Right now, the only way that I am aware of in the New UX is to have multiple browsers tabs open, in which case synchronization does not work. 


I know this is successful when I can have multiple Pages or Worksheets available as tabs at the top of the interface, similar to the Classic UX.



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I agree 100%, the ability to pin tabs and/or have multiple tabs open (like old UX)  have been asked by a couple clients too. I was searching for the functionality assuming must exist and I was just too thick to find it when I found this thread. Please support this feature...


Although I do not fully understand why Anaplan chose not provide this functionality by default (given they already had it in Classic), I do fully agree with @jasonblinn

Having the ability to open multiple pages in one browser windows helps in improving usability and end-user acceptance of #NUX.

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I agree. It would be very helpful.

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Would give more Kudo's if I could. Like others, 100% agree with this. But to add to the points it would also be a massive time saver as well.


Because now if I would like to compare data between pages in different subsections, going through the menu and finding the correct page could take up to 5 seconds. Add on top of that you always have to wait for a little bit before the page opens introducing more lag. At the end of the day, all of these little things add up. And end-users, especially the ones that have been working in classic UX, see this as a large disadvantage making user adoption more difficult than it should be. 



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I was asked by users about the same, could be convenient to have this functionality.

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Tabs for the NUX please!!!

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100% This is customer feedback too!!

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100% agree that this is a requirement to support efficient working practices.

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Agree with others here, this would be very helpful. 

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Agreed, this would be very helpful for multi-tasking.