NUX+New Model Experience: Open from App page directly the module

NUX+New Model Experience: Open from App page directly the module

As model builder, I would like to open directly the module published on the App page in New Model Experience. (not only the model). 


Currently, from an App page, it is still opened ONLY the source model and it is opened in the classic way (not even the New Model Experience).  


When New Model Experience is activated, I noticed that opening modules or dashboards, in the web link are added some ID's which I presume to correspond with the internal object ID's of the module or dashboard or list opened... this information could be used to create the direct link from an App page to open directly the module published in the page.




What do you think?



very helpful idea @alexpavel 

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Agree with you Alex. That will indeed be a good experience. However, i believe it should also allow the model builder to choose whether to show the module to all users just like classic dashboards to maintain certain data access controls. What do you think?

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The same idea came to my mind literally the day you published it!


Now I found one big security issue to take into consideration on enabling this feature.

This has to be delivered with an ability to disable the option as this works in classic UX with "Open Source Module" on a dashboard. Or add a toggle "Open Model"/"Open Source Module"