NUX Open Home Page after opening an app

NUX Open Home Page after opening an app



in User Experience we can build really nice Home pages with navigation buttons. This is great start for Users in their planning experience.


However, I would like to be able to select that this page is opened when I open an app. So the idea is similar to landing page in classic environment. This could be great improvement for User Experience. It will be easier for Users to start working in an app, as well as looks much nicer than the current landing page.


Ideally, it would be possible to set it by Role, if there are users with different Roles using one app.





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Indeed it would be a really useful feature. 

Similar to the below idea:




A useful idea, especially if there are several roles within the business and they need different landing pages. You have my 👍 . A temporary solution I found was to ask them to bookmark the correct landing page directly.

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This would be a blast in terms of user experience! Most infrequent users of Anaplan get completely lost within the current App set-up, particularly when they have greater access rights and all categories are expanded.

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