NUX Page Selectors

NUX Page Selectors

Currently when you add Module page selectors to a card in the NUX you can only add them at the bottom. We would like to give the admin the ability to select where those page selectors appear on the card (not only have them as an option at the bottom.). If you can select any corner of the screen that would be great but at least top left instead of bottom left would be a start. In very large module cards, it can be missed at the bottom.


Yes please.  Amongst other things this is an issue for UX migration given existing users are used to top-left page selectors - might seem a small point but in general folks have become used to this positioning not just in Anaplan but in other systems or even from good old Excel pivot tables.  There's also something more intuitive about seeing the grid's context by first looking to the top left corner.


I use a workaround sometimes but adding a 'dummy' grid card above the data grid or chart but would be far better to have the option natively.

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Agreed!  I've had multiple organization ask me why this isn't already an option.