New Function To Convert Date Format to Text Format

New Function To Convert Date Format to Text Format

It would be very useful to have this functionality rather than convert to numbers through DAY, MONTH, YEAR and back to text through TEXT function.


Best practice would dictate to split these functions out but this increases clutter and causes unnecessary calculations in models.

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Thanks for sharing @CallumW this would be very useful and save line items when converting. 

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This would be a great enhancement! Although you can currently convert using the Day/Month/Year with Text formulas, it would simplify things if there was a formula that directly converted dates to text. 

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Another vote for this.

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yes please!

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The opposite is also highly usable. Most often the data comes as text from files. Need to be able to convert that text to a date using DATE function without having to individually extract Year, Month, Day from the text and then converting it to date format.