New Line Item Text Format Type - SmallText

New Line Item Text Format Type - SmallText

First, I would like to address that I do not know how the back end of Anaplan is built, so I am unsure as to the possibility or ease of implementation of this idea.


The idea is taking a concept from SQL Server. SQL Server has the following data types for storing integer values: bigint, int, smallint, and tinyint. The below chart shows the range of values and storage requirement for each data type.


int data type sql.png


The concept of this idea would be the same. Make a new line item text format, SmallText, that would limit the input of text to 60 characters to reduce the memory/storage requirements and increase model performance when used versus the traditional text format. Anaplan already has this text format requirement for list member codes (codes cannot exceed 60 characters), so it would seem that the Anaplan platform code for this item, that is already in production, could be leveraged to apply to the new SmallText line format type. I am sure that is an oversimplification of the engineering required, but hopefully, the idea is clear.


While minimizing text formatted line items and their calculations is a best practice in Anaplan model building, some models have the need for using smaller text strings at scale.



  • Limiting the amount of characters a text formatted line item can accept will have a direct impact on the memory/storage requirements of that text formatted line item thus increasing model performance.



  • Performance increase across entire platform for all models where line items can be converted from Text to SmallText.
    • Faster models
    • Quicker save state times
    • Decreased model sizes
    • Etc.
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I've had requests on limiting the amount of text end users can enter into Anaplan; this can be a useful tool for some of our customers.