New Modelling Experience: New formula editor goes straight into edit mode

New Modelling Experience: New formula editor goes straight into edit mode

In the new modelling experience, when expanding the formula bar to display the whole formula in the new formula pane at the bottom of the screen it goes straight into 'edit' mode. This means that if you then click on another line item it adds '+[Line Item Name] onto the formula without you meaning to do so.


Anaplan need to change this so that a model builder can expand the formula, see it in the new pan but not automatically make it editable - this is so that you can click through and review the full formulas without risk of changing them without knowing.  




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I would like to support this request, as I was about post this feedback. The UX section of formula looks great, but the existing classic vertical pane and the Syntax we were getting around with A+ plugin was easy to manage long and complex formula. 

Therefore, feedback suggestion is to have the pane vertical with syntax and also in the current design we are not able to view the formula in the lower pane without editing the formula. Which sometime is risk to view the formula in edit mode. 


Quick example below to understand user experience between classic and UX with mock up if statement. 


Classic (with A+ Plugin) 







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Great idea.

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It is a big pain to use formula panel, I agree with @Asslam , this will work better and many people need it badly not all orgs allow to install A + chrome extension on system due to security.






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