New UX: Add ability for Auto-Axis and Rotate Axis for charts

We can currently enable an auto-axis or rotate the axis for charts using the original platform, but do not seem to be able to do it in the new UX.


On the New UX, all my charts start at zeros on the x axis and it would be nice to only present information in the relevant range!



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It looks like Anaplan released the update, and auto-axis is now available in the New UX:




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Excellent news, thanks for reaching out @M.Kierepka  !

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Hi @Stan 


Do you know when this update was released?


I couldn't find it on any release notes on the release calendar?





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@davewaller , @sprender - Any insight on @CallumW's question?

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@Stan  - Just saw the new release was posted about 15 minutes after I contacted you!


Thanks all!

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@CallumW , correct we released auto-axis recently for the Waterfall chart as you saw in the new monthly release blog. This also contains details around other updates we have released for the New UX in Jan. -

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