New UX: Anaplan should provide image and icon repository

New UX: Anaplan should provide image and icon repository

The New UX is great and what really differentiates it from the old UX are the ability to use icons and images which can bring a boring app to life. A massive drawback is that Anaplan forces you to store images outside of the workspace typically using third party services like IMGUR, another drawback is that you have to pay for or download free icons from another third party service like Flaticon and then rework the icons to your App/company colour scheme. This whole process takes hours as you search for the perfect icon and then editing it and then uploading it.

It also has massive drawbacks - your company policy may prevent you from storing their images on third party services, you need to subscribe to those third party services so you need to share those credentials with another model builder else all is lost when you leave the company or get hit by a bus. Or you have to jump through hoops to get your company to host something where Anaplan can access your images. Similarly, if IMGUR (or the service you use to save your images) decides to charge you or goes under then say goodbye to your images and hello to a lot of UX rework.

Anaplan need to provide a simple service where you can upload your images safely and securely without overhead to your workspace usage. Anaplan should also start an image library where you can access thousands of generic icons and images, ideally be able to edit the colouring and easily link to your apps. Until Anaplan brings an image repository service in-house then this feature of the UX is not really viable for many Anaplan subscribers.

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Totally agree, we're running a large UX model with many icons and images used in the navigation.  Have had to change image store sites multiple times because of firewall issues, have since been experimenting with sharepoint sites but it means maintaining 2 sets of access for users.  A native image store would be ideal.

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Agree, external repositories are limiting the use of this great new feature.

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Companies like ours have increasingly tighter security for all the good reasons and are moving towards cloud-based apps. I think about the ability to load images from a local source (desktop, one drive, local HDD, company servers, etc.) into a workspace and/or specific Anaplan model as something as essential as loading from the same source into MS Office apps. This will enhance the appeal and efficiency of the new Anaplan UX.