New UX - Auto Filter / Omit empty rows

New UX - Auto Filter / Omit empty rows

I'm trying to empower and educate Anaplan users as page builders, but there is one reoccurring problem statement. How can I omit empty rows?

My answer is always "it depends" and I start explaining filtering on multi-dimensional modules, the different options to consider (like what dimensions should be included, excluded in the boolean) etc. etc. etc..

Well, that's when I lose most of these potential helpers. However, even I sometimes struggle to find a proper, not too complex filtering solution just to omit empty rows. Hence my request


As a Page Builder I want to be able to omit empty rows (or columns) automatically on a worksheet or board grid so that I don't require complex filtering logic or workspace admin rights to create the filter. This logic needs also to update automatically after changing the page selectors.


Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 19.12.00.png

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Agreed - this would be helpful.

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Indeed it would really be helpful to have the option to suppress blank or zero columns and/or rows., without being necessary to create filters to achieve this. ( similar to the option "Omit Empty Rows" option for the export actions, but to be used in NUX).