New UX Chart card conditional formatting

New UX Chart card conditional formatting



Had an idea with regards to Chart cards in NUX. Would like to suggest a color change in the chart that could be based on conditional formatting for the line item.

For now this effect (see the picture below) can be made by making 2 line items corresponding opposites. As I have it in my example, there are two line items for the percentage difference between actuals and forecast (above and below 0) to have 2 different colors for visual effect. It would be wonderful if this effect could be done with one line item instead by applying conditional formatting. 

Additionally, if this type of approach is being used now, it could benefit on saving space in the model itself.


Chart Anaplan NUX.jpg

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Good suggestion @Aigars A 


It would be really nice to extend the conditional formatting that is for Gantt chart for other chart types too, conditional formatting based on a line item.