New UX: Column headers hight

New UX: Column headers hight

This is not quite the same idea of my colleague, but it has some similarities:


In classic UX we were able to select number of lines of the headers of a module on a dashboard:


It will be nice to have it in NUX also, or any similar feature. See an examle of the same module published in classic ux and new ux. NUX headers are twice as tall as in Classic:





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Yes, it would be great to have more options for the Headers, including the wrap.  Otherwise we are forced to sacrifice the desired field naming to ensure headers aren't much longer than data displayed beneath, or live with overly-wide spacing that could otherwise be used for other cards/etc.

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This is a very important change. The height of the headline is keeping many of our clients from switching to UX as multi-dimensional headings take up too much space on small screens. Users are not ready to downgrade in the amount of information they receive.


Fully agree, several clients have asked me about the possibility of changing the size of the headers. It reduces significantly the amount information we can provide in UX.

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This feature is extremely important. I had problem with headers size many times and I think such a small change can really make UX better. It's inconvenient to have headers this large, because they take valuable space on screen.

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+1 from client's side

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I support this proposal

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Very important change! Waiting for it!

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Fully agree, this is a very important change.

Aleksandr Khorkov
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Absolutely necessary -  so smal change for such a big value

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extremely necessary

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+1 voice for adding this feature

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Totally agree with this feature request.