New UX - Keep Show/Hide Selection when doing a re-pivot

New UX - Keep Show/Hide Selection when doing a re-pivot

Currently, if I do the show/hide in a Custom View, then changing the position of dimension (re-pivoting) causing resetting of Show/Hide selection.


I would like to be able to keep the selection even after re-pivoting, similarly to Classic UX.

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YES, please! This annoys all of my end-users and has simply worked in Classic UX / any source module.


This would be a huge help for us as well to avoid duplicate modules and provide a better end user experience.

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This needs to be built into the UX to avoid frustrations for the end users. Its essential to keep the selections after repivoting.

Without this functionality it becomes frustrating and users stop using UX and revert back to old dashboards (where the functionality exits). Thus it becomes difficult to get UX buy in