New UX Show/Hide on the fly for Worksheets and Boards

New UX Show/Hide on the fly for Worksheets and Boards

To be at parity with Classic UX we need New UX Show/Hide on the fly on boards and worksheets for views and custom views based cards.

At the moment you need to edit the page, use the show/hide and resave the page. This is not user friendly especially compared to the Classic UX.

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Definitely! We also just discovered that. 

If we have 4 levels hierarchy, and show by default only level 2 on the Page, users cannot select lowest levels to analyze the data...

This was also possible before in Classic UX. It is really hard to convinced Users why they cannot do something that was giving additional value before.  

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Show / hide has been added for worksheet pages already. Support for all cards and Board pages is on the roadmap.

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Delighted to announce this update has now been delivered. You can see more details here


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