New UX: Type Directly in Text Field Card

New UX: Type Directly in Text Field Card

When modeling in the New UX, I've saved a few card templates for the various types of text I plan to use in my designs.  Saving a template card means I've gone to the trouble to do all the work upfront, presetting all the formatting the way I want it to be. However I still have to enter the card's edit mode just to actually add / change the text. 


The following changes would make a really positive impact on streamlining the workflow:

1. Let me type my text directly into the card without having to enter the editing mode

2. Let me to enter the card's editing mode by simply double-clicking it, no need to hunt for an icon

3. (Bonus) Add a right-click menu option for cards to include all of the icons...give workflow options as to how the builder would prefer to model

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As a workaround for this, could we increase the 'Body Text' box length. At the moment it's very difficult to review and edit big paragraphs of text as the the box is too small (have to slowly scroll through the box, to find and update the sentence you're looking for):