New UX should allow publishing Page Selectors

Currently, New UX only shows page selectors which are dimensions of modules.


In classic dashboards, we have the ability to publish any list as a page selector on any dashboard. For example, we publish parent levels(of module dimensions) as page selectors.


This is a must to have feature. We feel that New UX is a step backward from current dashboard functionalities.

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I agree 100%


It is challenging to set up parent selectors for child list item syncs on a board. 

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100 % agree.  We want to publish a higher level of countries in page and display lower level cites on dashboards.  Not possible with New UX..

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Fully agree. This feature and several other basic features (such as publishing lists, hard returns in text areas, width resizing, cell wrapping) are missing from the new UX currently, so I can't see anybody investing the time to use the new UX when it does less than the current one.

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