New formula for checking User's access

New formula for checking User's access

As a Model Builder, I would find new function really useful:



Returns Boolean, "TRUE" if User has specified access, where:

  • x: Users list-formatted line item containing .
  • y: Item of the list with Selective Access enabled.
  • f: Flag which tells which access formula should test, keywords: "ANY" (default), "WRITE", "READ" (optional).

We need it to set DCA really dynamically, based on real SA, and not on some imports like we do now.

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As a model builder I need smth familiar to the idea described below, so I decided to put this as a comment, not as a separate idea. 

I'd like to use Workspace Admin boolean in my formulas (example is on the screenshot attached).

It would be super-useful for dynamic cell access management



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This formula for HASACCESS is not working, i was selecting selective access to one of my list formatted line item but that is also not working. 


Is there any solution update to the same ?

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Hi, @NakulAggarwal!


The formula HASACCESS does not exist in Anaplan, it's just an idea proposed by @M.Kierepka

The full list of exisitng formulas is here:

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This would make life particularly useful especially when the user based is approaching 1k!

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