Old idea that needs attention: Formula scope on combination of Actual and Current version

Old idea that needs attention: Formula scope on combination of Actual and Current version

This request has been posted already in 2013  & 2018 and probably in the years in between. It is not availbale yet, while it will solve a lot of problems for many of our customers.

If you do not want to change a previous version, then the option for Formula Scope needs to be put on "Current Version" this however blocks all formulas that use IF ISACTUALVERSION().

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I think this one reopens the debate on Versions or Fake Versions.  If you use Fake Versions then it behaves like any other list/dimension. You can then do anything you wish using simple property module with boolean for:



Current Forecast?



 I think this Version thing was invented as a short cut for self-build customers who didn't want to have 'proper' developer on site. I know many projects not using Versions at all. ho-hum

Fake versions can of course be list formatted and subsets.

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Dear @mhemphill


How do you create lines then where both a calculation is available (for actuals) and input for the forecast months? 

We also decide per model what to use and because of the issue with native versions we move more often to dummy versions. Which takes away some of the advantages of the switchover functionality.


Kind regards, Maud




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Hi Maud.  

Never been a great fan of a cell having two states - formula and input. Two states is the world of quantum computing 🙂  Its not very DISCO either.



1. Extend the Actuals loading work so it also targets the actuals months of the Forecast module(s). 

2. Overlay month specific DCA to achieve switch-over


Hope that helps