On-Demand Usage Reports

On-Demand Usage Reports

As an IT member, I would like to able to create and run custom usage reports from within Anaplan, so that I get instant information and do not have to engage Anaplan Suppor to get reports. 


Today I have to reach out to Anaplan Support with very specific details & attache previously generated reports that I would like updated.  Support usually replies the next day and sends me an incorrect report.  Then I get the correct report the following day.  So it is usually a two day turnaround on reports after they were requested.  We should at least be able to request them to be ran automatically on a monthly basis. 

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Agreed this would be an extremely helpful feature. 

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Agreed that an Admin within a model should be able to run a report a report of usage of any given dashboard.

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I am looking for a report that can give me an idea of Which Current Users of Anaplan have accessed which of the accessible dashboards. How is it possible? Can someone please guide me.