Open Dashboard : Auto Close Current Dashboard as an Option

Open Dashboard : Auto Close Current Dashboard as an Option

As a model Builder, I would like to be able to choose, when I create a new "Open Dashboard" action, to choose if the current dashboard have to be automatically closed when the user clic on the button in order not to cause confusion and not to suggest complexity.


Context :
1) When we create an "Open Dashbaord action", we have to put the button in an existing dashboard.

2) When the user clic on this button, It open the new dashboard but the previous dashboard I always present.
We often don't need to let the previous dashboard open.


==> One tick in the "Open Dashboard" action process could let the Model Builder to choose if he want or not close the previous dashboard.

Example :



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I would change this a bit to have the option to present the user with a dialog box asking, "Do you want to close the current dashboard." There are times when users may want to keep the dashboard open, but at other times keeping it open is not needed.