Option to customise or remove automated email to new users added to a workspace

Option to customise or remove automated email to new users added to a workspace

When I add a user to a workspace, an email is automatically generated.

1/ The current content is not suitable - we  need the ability to customise it so people do not contact the person who added them for instance as it may be different from the actual point of contact, and we would like to direct people to content or training on the intranet.

2/ The ability to turn off email notifications as sometimes we add users by error or to a test envrionment for testing purpose and they get all confused by the email.

As an administrator, it is my role to tell users that they have access to Anaplan, it is not Anaplan's role.

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Any chances of this to be prioritised ?

Even just starting with disabling this automatic notification would be a huge step forward. 


This is causing us some headaches. Customers that have single sign-on enabled are even more impacted as users are getting even more confusing by receiving a login link that won't work. 




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Thanks Alessio for the support. I have noticed they have changed the email since, it is more neutral now but it still invites users to the wrong behaviour so I agree this should be prioritised.

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This is a candidate for the longer-term roadmap. There are some changes to the underlying technology that would need to happen to support this functionality. As such, it's not something that we can look at doing in the short-term. 

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