Option to disable Action buttons on dashboards based on conditions

Option to disable Action buttons on dashboards based on conditions

My use case:

On the NUX page where a file is uploaded, my client wants to track who uploaded the file and when it was uploaded.  I have built a date selector in the dashboard where the user will select a date and upload the file. NUX gives us the option to see the history of an input cell and hence this serves the requirement. My only issue is with what happens when a user does not select the date and still runs the action. I have no way to track that particular upload. It would be great if there is an option to disable the import process button on the page when the date selector is empty! 


My workaround: 

Currently my workaround is to make the import into two steps. First upload the file, then import it into a second module which will serve as the data source for calculations. During this second import, I will generate an empty saved view within Anaplan and import that when the date field is empty on the dashboard.


However, this isn't ideal since there is a chance the user would think the file is uploaded when it actually isnt. The best way for me is to introduce a DCA like option for Action buttons in NUX. 

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This would be extremely helpful for users. It is a very standard and intuitive practice for users to have action buttons disabled until all inputs are valid. Currently, we show them validation warnings in a grid/card before they run the process. If the user still goes ahead and runs the process we fail it at the start. However, this can be quite annoying for users.