PROPER() Functionality

PROPER() Functionality

When we are dealing with Text formats in Anaplan it is case sensitive and it throws unexpected results if we don't do it exactly the way it should be.


Although we can achieve this by amalgamation of LOWER, UPPER, FIND, LEFT & RIGHT functions. Having PROPER function would greatly reduce the need to do so.

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In case of titles for Anaplan, I would agree.


I wouldn't use proper to avoid case sensitivity issue; UPPER or LOWER is much better as it matches all characters.




What I meant by that was that we will have to use LEFT UPPER, RIGHT LOWER etc- all sort of amalgamation techniques. For example  if I have to write "Master Anaplanner" - where only first letters are capital letters - Can't use UPPER or LOWER exclusively here without LEFT, RIGHT etc to do something that is close enough to PROPER function






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Hi @Misbah , It makes sense whenever we wanted to check case sensitive also as part of our validations. It would be good to have the function from anaplan to support the ask.