Platform enhancements & New features - Enable comments on Releases articles

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Platform enhancements & New features - Enable comments on Releases articles

It would be very helpful if, as a community member, I would be able to post/read and answer comments on the Platform Releases articles so that community members could interact with each other as well as Anaplan on relevant topics re: recent and upcoming releases.


Given that articles are updated and new functionality be postponed/anticipated as needed, this could provide an extra level of interaction in addition to the standard "Subscribe" functionality that users might set on the key relevant areas :

A couple of examples : 

1) Looking at this article for March releases & sneak peak at April, it seems one of the ideas delivered in March was "Expose current and past user logins for audit fields" . However I'm not sure what this relates to exactly, if it was delivered and how to find this information ?

2) New landing page. As far as I'm aware this should have been released in Q1 but it seems it's been postponed a number of times and I'm unable to monitor it effectively. According to the article it was targeted for the Mid April release but I noticed that on the Release calendar this is now targeted for the Mid-May release ? For some customers this change requires some prep work.


While disabling comments on these areas is most probably done on purpose ,enabling them, even just on the Release articles could be an advantage as we could quickly raise/answer questions and receive additional notifications that might otherwise be less visible/go un-noticed ?




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