Private Pictures

Private Pictures

Today Anaplan supports only public url links to display picture in a dashboard.

However, for Supply Chain Planning, planners are working on new products, which are confidential before their launch. Even if Anaplan is able to secure the access of products thanks to authorizations or dynamic cell access, the access to the picture with a url link must be secured on the WEB service providing the picture.

To do so, a user requesting a picture from an Anaplan dashboard has to be authenticated by the picture WEB service. Different solutions exist:

  • Use of Oauth2 protocol to use our own Identity Provider (IdP) from Anaplan
  • Share the cookie used by Anaplan with the picture WEB service either by:
    • Connect to Anaplan with the same domain as the picture WEB service (instead of “” domain, use of “” domain).
    • Connect to Anaplan with a subdomain (use of “” subdomain).
    • Use of reverse proxy / DNS alias: <>

Anaplan supports none of these solutions today.

The workaround is to ask users to first connect to our picture WEB service to authenticate themselves, before been able to display pictures in Anaplan. This can be done by clicking on a url link in Anaplan, but this is an additional activity for the user which looks quite cumbersome nowadays.

Anaplan should be able to support private picture url to ensure a smooth user access with the highest level of security for confidential pictures.

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