Re-ordering of Dimension Selectors NEW UX dashboards

Re-ordering of Dimension Selectors NEW UX dashboards

A nice to have in the New UX would be the ability to re-order how the dimensions appear at the top of the page to make dashboards more aligned and make the selectors appear in the order that users would expect.

Nicolas Cadier
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This is a great idea! Would really help guide user in 'telling the story of a page'.

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Great idea, @Michelle Sutherland  ! Would definitely improve the consistency and feel of NUX pages.

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I agree as well. This would be very helpful and would allow us to guide users in a logical direction based on what they select. 

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@Michelle Sutherland I wanted to post this idea today but glad that it was already posted. 

One thing that I have experienced is that New UX needs to provide more flexibility to page builders or to end users. As of now it is kind of strict. Definitely not the Anaplan way.

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I would also request the ability to add page selectors to any place on the board, similar to how the current UX works with "publish page selectors to dashboard".  Having selectors at the bottom of cards is a help, but more flexibility would give us closer parity to the current UX.

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I agree with this, it would be great to have the flexibility to move the page selectors or order in terms of most used/most important. Does anyone know how the current ordering of page selectors is established/determined in the NUX? E.g. If you create a saved view with selectors ordered in a certain way in the model, how would it re-order these at the top of the page if you publish that saved view?

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I'm also wondering the same thing regarding how the current order of page selectors are determined.


This was never an issue in the classic UX because you can change the way dimensions are ordered based on how you created the saved view, but that doesn't seem to be the case in the New UX.


I just posted a new idea about this and found out there was already one from 7 months ago. I totally agree to add the possibility to reorder the context filters. It will help to guide the users. It is quite important in my case. In general, it would good to have more flexibility for context selectors.




i am wondering if the order of the filter in the NUX is based on the dimension (list) order of the model then the option of re-ordering the filter in context of the page design is not a valid feature at all. Moreover, i feel the order is not as per the dimension (list) order.

In my model, order of the filter is L1.1 Plant, L1.2 Vendor and L1.3 Materials and in the NUX the context displays in L1.2 Vendor, L1.3 Material and L1.1 plant. Not able to convince myself and users with this disorder. 

Any thoughts and suggestions if any




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