Read Only Dashboards

Read Only Dashboards

We have some dashboards used solely for reporting purposes. However, the person displaying may have the ability to write to the module displayed on the dashboard allowing the dashboard to be edited during the meeting and the blue distracts the audience.  It would be great if we could have the option to have "Read Only" option that Admins could set on the dashboard so that the enduser wouldn't to have ability to write to that dashboard. To get around this, we have to create a module and use data/space that is simply pulling from from the input module or changing the user access to read to allow them to display the data during meetings/reviews so that no updates can be made and the blue data cells are not displayed during this time.

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Thanks for the great idea @Kurtisdavis - Moving this idea to "Acknowledged" as it meets our guidelines!  

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Rebecca/ Anaplan Team,


We see this need for us as well. Any update on this request and how soon can this be incorporated into the product platform?

Thanks in advance