Report/Board: Table Row and Column Height

Report/Board: Table Row and Column Height

There are four options for row height in a table output in the Report Designer/Board Designer. Even with the "default/standard" option, there is significant white space between rows. It would be helpful to have a "narrow" height option for table rows, or similar to my request around fonts, and adjustable row height based on a user input value.


Similar to the row height issue, we have found that creating a table where we are intentionally filtering out column values, we end up with a column that is 2-3 rows in height with no contents. It would be helpful to either have the same option to adjust column height (similar to the old UX in terms of row) or exactly like the proposed row height make it adjustable.  

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I am very found of an adjustable row height! Would make the reports look much better

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Agree with this request, narrow row could help to format user friendly grid in management report