Report: Font Size and Spacing

Report: Font Size and Spacing

The New Report Designer Font sizes limit you to - Normal, Instructions, Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 which is on par with other Anaplan functionality in Model design and UX. However, for such a dynamic tool it would be helpful to have the option to set font size similar to other report designer tools which allow you to use a font size 2-XX to meet more use cases. 


The above is also true for the use of Tables in the Report Designer. Tables are locked to a single font size which results in many tables taking up much of a single page. 

In the text box there is no option to adjust the spacing between lines of text. It would also be incredibly useful to have the ability to adjust the spacing either in px., cm., in. 



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We are planning to increase the text size options in the text cards on the report page

Status changed to: On Roadmap

When can we expect to see more text size options?

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Unable to Increase the Font Size for the numbers in grids despite being able to increase the row height for grids. Please let us know when this feature will be available.