Rollback caused by "Is Summary"

Rollback caused by "Is Summary"

Description of the enhancement:

When a user incorrectly selects "is summary" for any line item with non simple formulas they hit a rollback. A rollback consists of a model closing, opening, reapplying a changelog, and saving. Can we look into a solution to capture that the formula isn't a summary line item before it causes a rollback? 


Business case for this enhancement:

This would save wasted time caused by the rollback. It can be a lengthy process for some customers - one customer reported rollback times of ~2 minutes.

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Totally support the idea. On top of that I would add that the "Is summary" check is used rather seldom, and it would be a nice idea to move it further to the reight.


As a user, it would be very nice to have a confirmation dialogue box pop up when the "Is Summary" boolean is checked in a module blueprint mode.  This boolean is located in a column right next to format and has right adjusted alignment so it is quite close to the format selection.  Accidentally selecting Is Summary can cause model toasts and lost productivity.  I will know this functionality is working when I select the "Is Summary" boolean and I'm prompted whether I would like to take this action.

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