Saved view collections

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Saved view collections

In order to create our reports out of Anaplan, we have to create significant numbers of saved views from the main modules which we then create "Reporting packs" from in the new UX Apps.  This allows us to have clear "packs" of data within the new UX where it is easy to see the schedules we need.  However, when returning into Anaplan itself, the contents section is huge and it's hard to navigate through the many saved views.


It would be very helpful to be able to move saved views out from under their Parent module, and create 'collections' of saved views that serve a similar purpose.  For example, we have a P&L module, a Working Capital module and a Capex module; under each of these there are a number of saved views for budget reporting, another set for forecast reporting and another set for month end reporting.  It would be great to be able to pull all of the saved views relating to 'budget' out into it's own section that could be moved to the bottom of contents when not being worked on.

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👍that in addition to showing under module rather than replace