Scrolling within Multiple modules

Scrolling within Multiple modules

Scrolling within a page in the NUX scrolls down the board or within the module. There are cases where a user may want to run scenario planning (for example) and view data and perform actions across a same initial list but not with the same dimensions. Currently if i had a Project list by time to view my information and I then wanted to choose to include the project in my forecast (across all months and years, not just for one year) having separate modules can make this a pain. If the modules are side by side sharing the Project dimension, one has time while the other is boolean formatted and does not. This would mean you have to either scroll both and make sure they align OR have the checkbox also dimensioned by time in which case checking the box would require multiple checks (across years). If there was a way to simultaneously scroll across modules (when a user wants to) that would be useful. 

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I came here to suggest the same idea. In my case, I have 2 modules in the NUX side by side. Both have the time dimension across columns and would be nice to be able to link the scroll bars for these 2 modules, so when I scroll to the right on either of the modules, the other will follow:


In other words, would be great to be able to avoid this scenario: the time dimension gets disconnected - showing different months on each module - 



I believe that  original @w_smythe 's e request is the same, but using a the same list across rows in two modules, so they remain aligned when scrolling vertically instead of horizontally as is my example.