See Locked Accounts Due to Non-Successful Logins in Administration

See Locked Accounts Due to Non-Successful Logins in Administration

We recently had a situation where a user 'locked' their account because they tried to log in multiple times with as a non-SSO user, by providing email address and password, when they were checked as a SSO user in our environment.  The result was that their account was 'locked' on the Anaplan side, however we had no visibility into this on our side.  We spent alot of time working with our SSO team thinking there was an issue and checking to see if the user was 'Enabled' in our Administration view of the tenant.  Ultimately we were only able to resolve the situation working with support and they were the only ones with the visibility into the issue. 


I propose that in the Administration view of the tenant, we are able to see users that have locked their accounts based on the above scenario and actually unlock the account for them all without contacting support.  


This would be a huge value add and time saver.  


This is SORELY needed.

It takes quite awhile to get anyone to review and unlock the user's account, leaving the user in limbo in the meantime.

It makes no sense that this isn't something tenant admins can do themselves.

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This would be a very beneficial and time saving feature for admins to be notified when accounts are locked, but also having the ability to unlock accounts directly without needing assistance from Support

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I wonder how many know about this ? I see this as a bug rather than an leaves SSO customers exposed to risky consequences   

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We are improving the login user interface to eliminate this user experience of mistakenly entering username/password for SSO enabled accounts.

Status changed to: Under Investigation