Show "Used in Page" reference in Modules Settings

Show "Used in Page" reference in Modules Settings

As a model builder, it would be extremely helpful to have a "Used in Page" reference in the Module Settings to show where a module is used in a page, similar to the Used in Dashboard feature.  This would allow for much more efficient auditing and help tremendously with model cleanup. This is especially important since we an now change or delete a module title in the page, and when you click on "Source module" in the NUX, it does not take you back to the specific module.  Thank you! 

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It would be great if some dependencies between NUX apps and modules can be shown in a streamlined way.

I find this quite challenging to be shown in the classic building interface...At least in the NUX app to be created some admin dashboards to show which modules are used in every page. 


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This makes a lot of sense and helps to keep our models clean.


Totally agree. I am cleaning out some old modules and it is hard to know if it is used in new UX. Connection between new UX and underlying modules would be very helpful.

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I was just about to create the same one, started working on New UX for the first time a few weeks ago and I'm already missing this feature.



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Hi everyone,

We are investigating ways to surface this information via the New Modeling Experience in the future.

Thanks for your feedback and votes on this idea.

Status changed to: Under Investigation
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Good news

Thanks Chris !

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Thank you!!