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Enable alphabetical sort on Lists - today, the only workaround is to export as flat file, sort and reimport

If we can expand this to alpha-sort on Line items, Module names, Dahsboard names, Actions, ... this would be even better.
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You can create a line item that applies only to the list you want to sort, using the formula "item(list)" and sort the module based on this column, however this has to be done in all the modules that have the list as a dimension. Having the option to directly sort the list would be much better. 

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It would be really usefull to be able to define sort criteria at a list level, based on properties of the list, and apply it to every module using the list (unless another sort is defined at a view level)

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This would be very helpful.



This would be very helpful, and I would particularly like to be able to sort the Users list (as has previously been discussed elsewhere on these forums). 


Also, as long as we're sorting lists, let's be able to do this on any column, not just alphabetical order. For example, I would like to sort by Users list by name... or by email, or by model role, or by WSA status or any of a number of things. 

In fairy tale dream land, I would also want this sorting on multiple columns at the same time (also as has been requested in various other places for modules) -- e.g. sort ascending on name then ascending on WSA status so that I have a nice group of alphabetically organized WSAs at the top then a nice group of alphabetically sorted non-WSAs below. 


This would be extremely great.

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