Subset for Time Period

Subset for Time Period

Recently came through a use case where :

  1. Model Calendar was for 2 past years and 2 future years.
  2. Asset data of last 10 years, hence a time range of 12 years.

The issue in these kind of scenarios where we have to keep a longer time range than the model calendar is that in case I have an Year/ Month selector as a user selection on the dashboard, it'll show all the years or months for the past 12 years i.e. the time range + any additional years in the model calendar. This will confuse the users and will be irritating for him.


In case of an elongated time range for managing specific data, the end users should not be having a long list of years/ months for selections rather Anaplan should help with the functionality to only show the months/ years that will make sense for the end users as they should not be impacted by the way the data is stored in the model.


Hence, in case of user selectors for months/ years, the model builder should be able to put/ create a subset of time so that the users will get only meaningful selections on their screens.

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Dear Shrankhla, 
I have the same issue.
Did you find an answer ?

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Another vote for this functionality, incredibly useful.  I will go one further and add subsets to versions would be along these lines.