Synchronise module scrolling on a dashboard

Synchronise module scrolling on a dashboard


The ability to synchronize the scrolling between two or more modules placed in a dashboard, especially those sharing the same dimension in columns.

Example of enhancement:

  • This would allow for us to place two modules side by side and while scrolling one, the other scrolls at the same time. 
  • When multiple modules are used in one dashboard and they share the same dimension list in column, it would be convenient to have the scrollbar synchronized between them which ensures that the range of columns displayed is the same for each of them.


  • We have a couple modules placed in a dashboard adjacent to one another and would like to be able to link the two together such that when one is scrolled, the other moves as well, accordingly. This would make it easier to track information between the modules even when one is scrolled.
  • Concretely, we are using two modules within one dashboard in order to be able to display text and figures data on the same page. The issue is that the scrollbar is not synchronized between the two tables which makes the possibility to input data at the wrong column really likely.
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