The ability to see entire Note, Applies to, Referenced By fields inside blueprint view

It would be great ot see the entire Note section in the blueprint view without having to copy and paste it into another tool, double click into the note section, etc.  Double clicking into the note section isn't ideal in Standard (Non-Deployed) models, as it can lead to the accidental editing/deletion of the note field.

One option would be to show the notes in the formula editor area, when the note cell is highlighted.

capture temp2.PNG


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I would recommend extending that to more fields than just notes as you can't see quite a bit of the fields values in full. Even if you could hover over it and see the whole value, that would be an improvement.

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The "hover over" functionality that we have in other areas would be great here to achieve that

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I like the "hover over" functionality idea more.  Aline with a great idea 🙂 

It would help on all of the columns especially:
Applies to


Referenced by



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wrap text so i don't even have to hover

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