Time Stamp Formula

Time Stamp Formula


An example of the enhancement:

A frontend Tool is provided to an End User where they can review data housed within Anaplan.
Functionality within the Tool allows the End User to submit changes to this data
An approval workflow is set in place to ensure there are no erroneous change submissions
Action is created to Capture the individual who submitted the change request
Action Is created to Capture when the user submitted the change request
Action is created to Capture the Approver of the Change request
Action is created to Capture when the Change request was approved.

How would it help their business process:

In many cases a functionality such as the one described above will be required for compliance auditing.
The ability to control what information is being capture with relation to a specific module would be beneficial. The history functionality in Anaplan, is not easily utilized for reporting, and scope is too narrow in that of a specific cell, or broad in that of the entire Model.

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Dear All,


Amgen Europe has the same need : For change control there is a need to add the current user and current time to a transaction log. Currently it seems that neither are available as functions . Amgen would like to calculate difference between moment the 2 actions, not in days but in time between these 2 actions

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