Time settings: customize naming convention

Time settings: customize naming convention

Would be great if we could customize how the time labels show in the models.

In my use case, I'm using a model with a Week time dimension. Users complain a lot that in order to search for a week, they have to start typing "W/e...", plus when time is on the columns, the labels are very big. If we could chose to customize how the labels are shown, this problem would be gone.

I'm sure there are other use cases that would help with using Anaplan for official reporting, like choose how the label shows (as Jan'20 or January-20 or similar).

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Hi, I submitted the same here.


I'd encourage to "vote" on the other one as there are already some kudos so it's more likely to be prioritised according by Anaplan

@Miran, would it make sense to close this ?

@lis.degeus , there are some workarounds (have you already seen them ? Let me know if you want me to find them for you). The alternative solutions work ok but come with pro/cons. I believe a more "out of the box" functionality is a much better option 🙂