Timescale - Working days

Timescale - Working days

I really miss the possibility to select Working days as a timescale not only days.

I would like to have the possibility to use all of the "time formulas" that is only to be used when you have a timescale.


We do our Supply planning on a daily basis but we only works working days the weekends are closed. what we had to to was to use a workaround module with the timescale day in order to use the time time functions and then LOOKUP the values to the module were we use a list including all workdays and a subset of next 365 days as dimension.

I suppose we are not the only one missing a working day calendar


This takes a lot of space in our workspace and it is very complex.

Kind regards Caroline 

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I would also fancy a solution here. We have the same challenge. If I find a better solution, will be happy to share it. 

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Another vote for this functionality, I have created custom calendars in the past to deal with this.  This would be much simpler.


In my eyes the solution does not need to take holidays into account. That could off cause be hard since we have different holidays in every country.

Exclude Saturdays and Sundays are excluded then i would be very happy.