Trigger API from Anaplan (native solution)

Trigger API from Anaplan (native solution)

I would like to be able to trigger the API from Anaplan (e.g. button on a dashboard). This will enable sending data to another Anaplan model or to a different system event based by an end-user, rather then scheduling it outside Anaplan. Eventually it will enable much better integrations with 3th party solutions (advanced analytics algorithms, phyton scripts, etc...) and can use Anaplan as the end-user front end.

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Hi Guido,


As a workaround we currently use a button that will trigger an export. This file just has the content of TRUE or FALSE.

Then we have an API that will run every couple of minutes and validates if the file content is TRUE or FALSE. The moment a TRUE is found in the file, then all the other actions are being triggered and at the same time the flag will be set to false.


It's a bit of a workaround, but at least the enduser only needs to use Anaplan in order trigger an API. 

It would be a nice feature, but in the mean time you can use the following workaround.




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I believe there quite a few similar ideas around being able to call apis from anaplan being get or post in order to post or use ressources from other services