Use Page Selector Item in Formulas

Use Page Selector Item in Formulas

The ability to use what is selected in a page selector in formulas and filters would be very useful. 


Although you can create a custom filter with a cell acting like a page selector, if multiple people are on the dashboard and using the cell, it can cause confusion. 

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An alternative is to use the Users list.
Make a User Selection module dimensioned by Users, no Time, no Versions and with a line item Selected Product, format: Product list. Publish the Selected Product line item as a dropdown on the dashboard.  The data module dimensions include Users. Formulas refer to User Selection.Selected Product.  

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That is a great alternative. However, if the data module is very large and there are a large amount of users, it can take up too much space. 

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I agree with the solution of 'Hendersonmj', but only if you publish global KPIs or reports. As 'daian' says, you can't use that solution when you want to build an analysis on a large amount of data when you have a lot of users. In our case, with such a module we should need 5 or 6 Go more for our Workspace.

A dimension like ‘current user’, which counts for 1, should be a good response.