User List Subsets

User List Subsets

Description: It would very useful to have an option to add subsets to the User list. We have certain modules that would only ever apply to a few Users, but we are forced to add the entire User list as a dimension and are using way too much space. In some cases we are deterred from using that feature as a result. If we could subset our list down to the handful that have access to the module, we could save on space.


Example of Enhancement: Would work in same fashion as standard list subsets.


Benefit/Impact: Allows flexibility in model building and avoids sparcity.

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It would be very useful for saving space. Applying the full user list to large modules when only a few of them need it takes up a lot of space unnecessarily. A workaround is to use a custom user list and to map it to the system one, but it would be more convenient if it worked natively.

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