Validation Button in Formula Editor

Validation Button in Formula Editor

I would like to request validation functionality be added to the formula editor in Anaplan. On large models if a formula is entered incorrectly you can wait 8, 10, 12 minutes for Anaplan to process the incorrect formula. I have seen other application in this space have a validation button for formulas which allow you to click a button and have your formula verify against a certain number of records maybe 10, 50, 100. This would be a great improvement value for the customer and save developers loads of wait time on big models.

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Another vote for this functionality, this could cut down on those large model toasters.

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FYI, I have created a browser extension to aid with this. It performs live syntax and semantic checking, among other things like code completion etc. I've written about it here.

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Another vote for this functionality.


I think this would be complimented by the following idea as well: