Version Subsets

Version Subsets

Ability to create subsets of the versions list

Benefits: This will allow versions to be used much more versatile way, as the model-builder will be able to specify which versions will show up in which modules. For example, use forecast & actuals in some modules, but use V1, V2, V3 for scenario planning in other modules.



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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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You can always make a general list called versions and this would allow you to to able to create subsets on the version list. 


If you decide to go this route make sure you consider the benefits of the versions list which will no longer be available when using a general list

- Switchover 

- Formula scope  

- Edit from / to dates 

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I think version subsets is a great idea, this would make versions more useful by giving you the native functionality with the ability to subset.  Then you could use different versions as needed, without the need for the workaround. 

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can we expect an update on version subsetting anytime soon?

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I support the idea very much! I see this post is the 'hottest' post under the 'Under investigation' topic. Will this be put in a roadmap? 


Definitely, the feature of having the subset on the default version dimensions will help a lot. It decreases the model size as we can use the required version members alone in the modules.  Awaiting for this feature to be available in the near future. Currently, in our implementations, we are using the custom version list and using workarounds to get the native feature of switchover, formula & edit from/to. 


This would be a huge help. Versions are powerful, but I find they create a lot of sparsity. The workaround is cumbersome and difficult to explain to lower tenured model builders. 

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I support this idea, would make model design simplier.

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I agree, this would be a great feature from space optimization perspective as well!