Workspace Management on Tenant Admin Console

Workspace Management on Tenant Admin Console

Currently in order to allocate/redistribute the workspace within the tenant we raise a ticket with Anaplan Support and get it done. Idea I am proposing is that we have this feature for Tenant Admin or Tenant Security Admin on Admin Console. This will save some time in getting the redistribution done. Also Tenants will play around as per their own needs and requirements

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Nice idea @Misbah !


Would love this to be done - it's currently my job to raise tickets through Support - seeing as it's our company's workspace allowance, I don't see any reason why we can't amend the allocation of the allowance ourselves!

Occasional Contributor and @DmitrySorokin this would be good for you!

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Yep balancing memory to the most greedy ws would be most useful

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Yes @khooton , this would be good. Juggling the workspaces around is one of our regular activities. 

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+1 Upvote. Agree with @DmitrySorokin this is a regular activity. 

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