Wrap text in cells

Wrap text in cells

Column headers provide the option with "Column Settings" to wrap text, body cells should allow wrapping as well

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In the old interface, if wrapping of text cells is not an option, the ability to hover and read the entire contents just as you have accomplished in the New UX would be awesome!
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Fully agree with the original request. I've been asking for cell wrapping for years because our model contains a lot of text, not just numbers. I was advised that the new UX would do text wrapping, and I would be very disappointed to see this downgraded to hover-view.

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Relegating this functionality to a tooltip will not solve the underlying issue, so I truly hope that text wrapping is implemented. I fully support the idea that Anaplan should be able to wrap text within cells. Indeed, I think this would appease many current and prospective users who use text or commentary within their models. This would especially assist in creating long vertical dashboards rather than the lease appealing short and wide dashboards.